Great Massingham

Great Massingham is one of Norfolk's most attractive villages located approximately 40 miles west of Norwich and 13 miles to the east of King’s Lynn, having one of the most impressive greens in the county. Several large ponds dominate the village, some of which have their origins as the fish ponds for an 11th century Augustinian Abbey. In 2009 the village won a CPRE Community Open Spaces award and in both 2009 & 2010 an ‘EDP Pride in Norfolk’ award for villages with a population under 1000.

Its origins are thought to go back to the 5th century, but today it is still a thriving community with a village shop and post office, several small businesses, and a well patronised pub and restaurant which also offers bed & breakfast. There is an active sports and social club based in and around the village hall offering tennis, bowls, football, table tennis, badminton, snooker, etc.

A village primary school caters for children up to the age of eleven with toddlers from  2 - 5 years old having their own independant playgroup and pre-school.  

A walking group, The Massingham Strollers arrange regular Sunday morning rambles around the many footpaths in the area. Many of the walks are published as a single page guide with map and route details and may be downloaded by visiting “The Community” and following the link.

A monthly newsletter, “The Mallard”, is published for the residents of Great & Little Massingham containing news, forthcoming events, church services, local business information etc.

Follow the links at the top of the page to learn more about our history and to see what goes on in the village today.

The agricultural nature of the Norfolk countryside can be appreciated from this photograph of Great Massingham and the surrounding area, viewed from the south. The proximity of the WWII airfield to the village can clearly be seen, and the North Norfolk coast is just in view on the distant horizon, at the top of the picture.